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South Arabia News of Yesterday 16/6/2009.

Posted by FREE ADEN on June 17, 2009

1- 9 People arrested over the demonstrations and protests that were held in Mukalla on Monday morning. The regime accused them of instigating chaos and riots, and of disturbing public order, security and stability in the city.

2- The regime in Sana’a  seizes an activist’s car in Al Mukalla to cut his living and prevent him to participate in the South Arabia liberation movement.

3- The central region and Loder in South Arabia welcomed Al mysari and Al shmaj with great happiness and flags of the south Arabia.

4- Photos of the head of the occupation regime were taken off the streets of Aden after repeated attacks by the citizens of South Arabia.

5- Al sameti detainee, in a trial by the regime, is wondering “what constitution criminalizes solidarity with the newspaper?” pointing the Alayam newspaper case.

6- Shatara accuses the head of the occupation regime of killing foreigners  Saadah, north of Yemen, to redirect world attention away from what is happening in the south.

7- Al Fadli calls on all political components of the peaceful movement to integrate on one organization.


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